Last Sunday on Pirate News, we talked about the attempt to ban TikTok and sue the Internet Archive for protecting knowledge

Today 1:35-2:20pm at LibrePlanet - The Nym mixnet: Free software to end mass surveillance Live stream at hopefully

We just sent our comment to the FTC and you should too. This is a chance to support the crackdown on Big Tech. A new rule from the FTC could help rein in corporate surveillance and data abuses.

Send a comment at

So now we have finally managed to start a movement away from Twitter - when are we going to take on LinkedIn?

If there is any platform worthy of being slaughtered it is LinkedIn - complete assholes, developed by complete assholes, gained market share through illegal processes (illegally accessing and spamming users contacts on their devices), their co-founder actively boasts about their illegal activities in his lectures at Stanford


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