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Nobody Is Even Remotely Intimidated By These Mentally Ill Goof Balls.

I hope they’re planning on taking their weapons to DC on their upcoming field trip. Oh, sure, they’re tough when it comes to raping and murdering unarmed children and old people but how well will they truly fare when meeting men in battle, who have no fear. That’s what I thought.

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We Need Us All To Restrict The Government’s Overreach Now, Please.

Haven’t the federal government usurped enough power already? They actually think that they’re above the law, let’s show them that they’re wrong while we check them often.

The power hungry politicians worldwide and particularly in Washington DC, are using our distrust for China and TikTok, to grab the power to censor any website they please, including yours. Are those terms acceptable? Fight back and put the government politicians and bureaucrats, back in their place. Thank you.

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The Real Abe Lincoln:The Beginning Of The End Of The United States.

Abraham Lincoln was even more despised than Obama and Biden combined and justice was served. However, he did get the last laugh, since his dream of centralized government has more than taken root and the US Constitution is in name only.

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Stop The TikTok Ban. Today It’s TikTok Tomorrow It’s Gab, The Fediverse & Truth Social. Be Warned.

I’ve never watched a TikTok video by choice or on purpose and even so, my consumption of them are sparse. Stop giving the government, no matter what side they’re on, too much power. It’s time to clip their wings.

Let’s resist this cloaked, Trojan horse, censorship trap. Once they have banned TikTok, what guarantees do we have, that our favorite technology platform, wont be next? Fight this hard and let us send the power hungry in Washington, Brussels, London, Beijing, Moscow and New Delhi.

What is going on right now is a potential breach to weaken freedom of speech, expression and the right to be happy. Let’s shut them down, please. Thank you. Just because I hate TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple and more, doesn’t mean, they should be banned. Thank you.

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It’s Not The Mentally Ill Drag Queens & Trannies Killing Kids, Nah It’s Our Guns, Right Lefties?

I’m keeping my fucking guns and the tyrants aren’t giving up theirs either. These school shootings sure seem like planned events, don’t they? Perhaps, it’s just the conspiracy theorist inside me. Anyway, since I don’t watch or listen to the news, I got this one really late and I don’t mind at all. It’s time to clean mi guns now.

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Who Crowned These Tyrants King?

I came across this during my travels today, incidentally, I was riding my bicycle. I’ve always preferred wearing helmets on my rides, well, because this is America, New York and people are fucking crazy. I’ve been struck more than once or twice too, thank God, my life was spared and I healed quickly from whatever was dished out.

That being said, what kind of nannies run this town? Who’s business is it if people wear helmets or not? What a bunch of fucking busy bodies. I hate people like that. What’s next, wearing helmets in our cars, like the race car drivers do? Oh, I almost forgot, pretty soon none of us will be able to afford cars so, scratch that one.

I know one thing, counties, and towns that mandate helmets do a few things, they limit the amount of participation in the exercise and they also, perhaps, unintentionally, encourage certain people, to value bicycle helmets, so much, that they begin stealing them. I think this was a bad idea and for some reason, it really rubs me the wrong way. This is what passes for freedom now in parts of the USA.

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I have similar sentiments. I only wish I were half as passionate in my delivery.


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Ebrius Disputatio wrote the following post Mon, 20 Mar 2023 06:54:45 +0900

Trump & Putin Slated For Arrest By The Maniacal Western Elitists.

Sun Mar 19 16:44:25 EDT 2023

There have been much talk, mostly by self identified Nazis, mocking and condemning Christians, as mere lackeys of the Jews. They spew the most vile rhetoric denouncing them as, essentially, fools for having faith. Meanwhile, another condemned and ridiculed device, a book, which many call, the Bible, or the holy scriptures, it's words contained, seem to be coming to pass for the entirety of humanity to witness and behold. We are watching the big lies, of alleged devastating climate change, one world government saviours and we're seeing he control of many, by the ever tightening rules and roles of governments, internationally, as if by coordination, freezing and seizing, the assets of dissidents, whether, individuals, organizations or entire nations. Yet many pretend to not recognize the signs, that all these events have long been prophesied, several millennia ago.

One mentions all this, in the realization, that the governments of the world, particularly, in the collective west, seem to be purposely coordinating their efforts to bring about, beside a devastating world war, a one world collective, where the people have only the rights, liberties and freedoms which only the elitist bureaucrats and politicians decree. One can see it in the unison of their media entirely. They all seem, to curiously, regurgitate the same sound bites, the same talking points and inevitably, the same narratives. The also seem to be immensely hurried going about it too. As if they perceive themselves, to be quickly running out of time.

The democrats in the United States, although they seem to be well represented withing the many bureaucracies, along with their controlled opposition, the republicans in name only, have, until exactly, during the 2018 elections, been floundering at the polls. Indeed, the majority of counties and states are resoundingly not of their ilk and it was only a matter of time, before that political group, became the party solely of communist blacks, conmen, the mentally ill and criminals. So, it has always been, recognized that since the democrats couldn't win at the polls, they'd have to invent multiple schemes, that would inevitably, undermine the electoral process, with the ultimate aim being, somehow, holding office and power, without elections. Well, it seems that they have arrived with a winning strategy, indeed. They have decided that those days of doing the hard, grunt work, of campaigning, by rubbing shoulders with the electorate, pretending to listen carefully are just old fashioned and have no place in modern policy. Oh no, why go through all that trouble when they aren't beholden to the voters any longer? They don't have to do all that anymore, not when their patrons are wealthy globalists who have purchased them and elections can be rigged with the aid of the federal bureaucrats, their armed goons and all cheerfully sanctioned by the media and enforced by what is currently disguised as law enforcement. All one has to do, is look. How many elections, since 2016, have people seen, the tyrannical forces sponsored by their big moneyed bosses, won by not even venturing outside their safe comfort zones? Far too many for one's taste.

So now, after seven long years of the false claims of Russian interferences into US elections and Trump being a Putin Russian puppet, which we now understand why they were so panicked and steadfast, the forces of evil with their powerful rich global friends, have decided to abandon all caution. Indeed, it should be expected from the sorts of people, willing to engulf the planet into a global nuclear, biological, chemical and radiation war, to do such things. Things such as, issuing an arrest warrant for Russian president Vladimir Putin and the curiously timed news, that President Donald Trump have also been provoked with being arrest, perhaps as soon as this Tuesday. It is becoming very clear, that people who claim to want to protect the planet of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and flatulence seem perfectly willing to abandon all that, if they can't rule the world. They would rather prefer to see the whole thing burn down, if they can't have it. This type of behavior reminds one of those jilted people, dealing with unrequited loves, whom, upon realization of the inevitabilities of lasting relationships, prefer, to instead, kill themselves along with their supposed loves as well. Truly, the most craven form of cowardice.
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Ⓐ Beautiful AnarKitty Ⓐ wrote the following post Wed, 22 Mar 2023 12:24:12 -0700
The American flag is a symbol of hate!

Oh, and the WriteFreely Blog has a domain change of sorts as well. I must say, I had no idea that anyone was following that blog. How the torture you people must have gone through. However, since I know now, that I do have twelve followers, I will do my best, from now on, to quit fooling around and aim to impress. Thank you all, you poor gluttons for pain.

We're Back. I had been doing some experiments and totally screwed up my Soapbox database. The backup went badly too and therefore, I just decided to remake most of the servers and do some spring cleaning. Anyhow, I'll be contacting you all soon and the new handle is, for now. does not care if you block his domain. He will, however, give your imagination a workout, especially what he things you should do with whatever you're using to block his domain. You must be one of those thinned skinned lazy rude Jamaicans I posted about, that hardly ever do any work at Home Depot. Go and see for yourself.

The P2P Social Network Called Scuttlebutt.

If there is someone or some people, who have already joined Scuttlebutt and are active users or know of any rooms, I would appreciate an invitation.

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Sylvia J wrote the following post Thu, 09 Mar 2023 17:02:14 -0800

For the #US, #international #law counts only for other countries, but not for itself.

Whoever holds the US #accountable, will have to pay for it. That is what is happening to #Julian and he is just one example of that #phenomenom. ~ #StellaAssange #quote

#julianassange #freeassange #dropallcharges #journalismisnotacrime #wikileaks #publisher #truthteller #freepress #freespeech #weareallassange
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