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How will European workers compete with other nations and regions with self imposed energy restrictions? The job of the is to cripple and sabotage all of Europe and especially, any deviation from the narrative of the European Commission is obviously misinformation, Russian and Chinese misinformation at that.  One can only assume how the European Commission will deal with such dissidents in the future.  

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The Separation Of The United States Isn't Something We Who Love Her, Wish To See.

However, that being said, it is becoming more necessary for one people to once again dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another and to assume among them, the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and nature's God, entitle them.

The picture is clear. In life we don't often get the results we would like, however, sometimes, if we're lucky, we get the life that we can live happily. Some things must, for the greater good, be dissembled. Only time will determine what, when and where that hour will come.    

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Epstein Had Friends In High & Low Places, It's No Wonder The Push To Normalize Pedophilia.

Epstein's Private Calendar Emerges: Among Prominent Names Listed Are Biden's CIA Chief, Goldman Top Lawyer.

Speaking of Epstein's Private Calendar, Does anyone reckon that it's been altered and or redacted to protect the 'innocent' in any way? I love the paragraph explaining how the CIA big man had no idea who or what Epstein was. That explains much about the CIA and the deep state, now doesn't it?

Although, be warned, the article originates from Rupert Murdoch's news gathering operation, specifically, The Wall Street Journal, so like all such organizations, their motives are indeed, always questionable. The truth is, ever elusive.

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The American People Can't Tell Men From Women, Much Less Keep Score Of Whom Their Politicians Murder.

That's alright, just because some people have never heard of Hudspeth county, doesn't mean it still doesn't exist. Someone will be judged for all those murdered souls and I'm sure that many were killed because they were in the way of someone's profit. The sins of the father will be visited on the sons and likewise, the sins against some fathers, will be avenged by their sons. It's a worthwhile warning to attend.

Are all the devils here in the USA and hell empty? It could be argued true, I'm sure and one may indeed, make the argument that hell's vacation home is located in the District of Columbia, until further notice and by the looks of things, the situation has been thus for quite a very long time. Certainly, long before either world war.

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If Hollywood Writers Go On Yet Another Strike, Will They Be Missed?

I usually do not quote or link the BBC, however, when I do, it's to mock them and what they find holy.

Now to answer my own question, no one is going to miss them this time, since, hardly anyone find the content emanating from Hollywood, entertaining or relevant, in the least. I do hope that the strike occurs and the revelation, showing the utter uselessness that exists within the studios of that wretched place, is witnessed by all and the disillusionment, may indeed, snap many people back to what is real and important.

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US Intelligence Agents Skills, Are Only Capable Against Average American Citizens. They're Useless At Combating Even Mediocre Threats & Spies.

Russia Can Keep Funding Ukraine War At Least Another Year Despite Sanctions: Intel Leaks

Yeah, because US intelligence have inspired so much confidence since forever right? These are people who continue to fail upwards and are only good at spying on and preying on, innocent American citizens. Oh and when all else fails, blame Russian propaganda sources." target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">

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The Reasons For Julian Assange's Persecution May Be Becoming More Clear.

Did Julian Assange stumble onto information that proves that Hillary Clinton's, incompetence led to the US State Department secrets being exposed all over the internet and that his persecution is a massive cover up of that very fact? What is the deep state really hiding and who are they really angry at?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">

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The Defense Of Freedom Has Long Since Been Bred Out Of The American Psyche. The Dawning Of The Submissive American, Is At Hand.

Good news for some, a terrible trend for others. Yes, all the good Americans are either dead or on their way there, only a mass pool of potential slaves will take their places. Freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength." target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">

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While Pictures May Be Worth Thousands Of Words, Nothing Beats Ignorance's Bliss.

Americans seem just fine with being thirty trillion dollars in debt. Perhaps, that sentiment is true or, maybe things aren't always the way they seem. Perhaps, now we know why the collective west is desperate, suicidal and bent on nuclear war and all that reality, may entail.

I reckon one type of suicide is as permanent as the other. There are tales told of men, during the beginning of the great depression, during the late 1920's, throughout the 1930's, towards the great war, jumping to their deaths, when confronted by losing everything they worked for and forced into debt.

Perhaps, that's the solution the political classes of the west are intending or, perhaps they just mean to sacrifice the rest of us and once we're all dead they may settle their debts with the results of our labor.   Yeah, that sounds about right." target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">

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Gun Grabbing Gabby Giffords Just Said The Quiet Part Out Loud!

It doesn't matter does it? Criminals will be protected to have their gun rights, while the US Constitution will be trampled into dust. We're not a nation of laws and it should be obvious what will happen when laws aren't obeyed.

Gabby Giffords was shot by a criminal not a law abiding citizen, perhaps she should better spend her time getting rid of them." target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">

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Just As Votes No Longer Matter In US Elections, Neither Do High Ratings On TV Shows.

Tucker Speaks In First Public Comments Since Split From Fox; Fans Plan To Boycott.

One suspects, that this phenomenon, of creeping clown world, is, in the vernacular of the leftist, unsustainable. It's like the bottom of that trusty well bucket, one day it's going to fall out and need replacing.  Did I just age myself by commenting about wells and buckets?

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Prior to the Civil War, banks existed, but people didn't trade in government currency. They traded in furs, beads, mixed metals, and private bank notes or parts thereof (they'd literally tear a $10 note in half to make $5). All of which could be banked.

It wasn't until bank notes were taxed out of existence, except the greenback, and barter, e.g. trading in furs and beads, became taxable, and rules providing that taxes could only be paid in currency, not kind, came into existence, that the "modern economy" was born. Barter was the rule, not the exception, prior to these changes.

Taxing private bank notes in and of itself forced banks to only accept cash deposits, because they couldn't lend in internal, paper credit. They needed cash to lend.

These changes forced people, including banks, to trade directly or indirectly with the government in order to obtain the currency necessary to meet their tax obligations and to make loans, and it also opened barter trades to scrutiny and government harassment. This caused society to dramatically change the way it traded. It happened long before any of us, so it seems like it's always been this way to us. It hasn't.

To say it's banks misses the whole problem and presumes that everyone always traded the way they did today.
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They'll Show Us All Who Has All The Power.

Mother Of 7 Denied Kidney Transplant For Refusing COVID Shot In Georgia.

Not to worry, they'll make her break now.

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More Tucker Porn. Lucky For Them, They Have Money Since Fox News Network Just Lost More Friends.

I liked Tucker, especially since so many people I don't listen to, nor respect, seem to hate him so. Plus, although this isn't saying much, he was miles ahead of the competition.

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Engaging respectfully with people who disagree with you, "meeting them where they are," assuming they're not a monster nor idiot, and challenging their conclusions by seeking shared assumptions; is often like staring into the eyes of a dog, in that they'll find it unusual—confusing—and will become very uncomfortable.

Everyone should try this.
Even if your motives are bad.
Even better if they're not.

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Many Of Us Just Think That Biden Is Too Much Of A Fool To Ever Be President Of The US.

Poll: 37 percent of Democrats and 76 percent of independents think Biden is too old to be President.

I'm sure he's sure to defy the odds again, with his all powerful eighty one, plus million votes. He should have no trouble at all. One wonders why he even has to bother with campaigning or rallies, with the deep state head fakes again, Biden just can't lose.

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The Misinformation Ban Is Aimed At All Of Us.

British MP's, EU Members of the European parliament, AOC and the communist elitists leftists are all keen on keeping us silent but will they succeed?

One doesn't see how they'll fail, at least in the short run, they'll get their way for a while until their whole house of cards, implodes. Message to self, "Get more popcorn."

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If The Alternate News Media Is Any Indication, Nobody Is Willing To Fight For Tucker Carlson.

Indeed, many in the free speech oasis, are more than willing to just move on and replace Tucker Carlson, as if there wasn't any merit, humor or truth in his show's construction. One finds oneself, hoping that Tucker has a backup plan that involves him getting his style of news posting, back into the public view, for consumption. I stopped watching even the free parts of The Fox News Network after observing, questionable behavior concerning a certain stolen election.

Indeed, in reading some posts from people I follow in and on the Fediverse, people are already dusting off Tucker's still warm chair and are inserting the likes of Tulsi Gabbard and Megyn Kelly in his place. I doubt seriously if it matters which name is eventually substituted, although what this callous indifference indicate, is that not too many people in the online, speech business seem to be going to miss Mr. Tucker, perhaps, many of them saw no merits in his efforts. I thought he did tremendous service, and presented the events of our time in a more truthful, straightforward method, when compared to many claiming to be in the same profession. Also, whereas people can be replaced for whatever reasons, including for profit, prejudice or spite the truth may indeed, continue to creep on at an indelible pace. Oh, and despite the many attempts, to kill the truth in the womb, it somehow manages to continue to see the light of day. Thanks to,,,,, for inspiring this post.

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