Educational institutions of all levels should use and teach #FreeSoftware because it is the only software that allows them to accomplish their essential missions: to disseminate human knowledge and to prepare students to be good members of their community.

Solidarität mit #Luetzerath. Der Zugang zur Mahnwache Lützerath ist weiterhin bis zum 09. Januar legal. Das muss die #Polizei respektieren. Auch deshalb lehnen wir die provokativen Aktionen der letzten Tage strikt ab. #LuetziBleibt

Ein neuer #Polizei​skandal in #Hessen? Gelöschte Aufnahmen eines drastischen Polizeieinsatzes 2020 in Idstein konnten jetzt rekonstruiert werden. Gegen einen Beamten wird ermittelt. @tazgetroete​-Kollege Christoph Schmidt-Lunau berichtet:

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The International Human Rights Film Festival () in Paris threatened legal action if they released a documentary film, "L’Affaire Coca-Cola", 9 March 2010. The film points to possible complicity by the in the murder of eight trade unionists in the 1990s.

According to . "It's a fairly common technique for multinationals to flex their muscles over nothing to shut people up."

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Hello @mastodonmigration , I am writing to you to know if I was blocked by you... indeed I cannot view any more your posts. Is it normal?
Can you tell me more about it?
See you.

As you celebrate the holidays with your loved ones, it’s on brand for us to remind you that capitalism is killing us all.

Es gab Stimmen welche genau davor gewarnt haben und dafür nichts als Häme ernteten!

Police seize on COVID-19 tech to expand global surveillance

"In the pandemic’s bewildering early days, millions worldwide believed government officials who said they needed confidential data for new tech tools that could help stop coronavirus’ spread. In return, governments got a firehose of individuals’ private health details, photographs that captured their facial measurements and their home addresses.

Now, from Beijing to Jerusalem to Hyderabad, India, and Perth, Australia, The Associated Press has found that authorities used these technologies and data to halt travel for activists and ordinary people, harass marginalized communities and link people’s health information to other surveillance and law enforcement tools. In some cases, data was shared with spy agencies."

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Does this happen everywhere or is it a local phenomenon?

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Amazon & its :
- on labor organizing threats against the company, organized labor, activist groups, hostile political leaders...
- develop intelligence assessments for continued [...] activity vis-à-vis Amazon

Amazon spies on .

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's said it had imposed a 60 million euro ($63.88 million) against microsoft , saying it sanctioned the company for not having put in place a mechanism to let people refuse as easily as accepting them”


“Is it OK for everything we do online to be tracked and monitored? We don’t allow it in the physical world, why do we allow it online?

is already a fact of life. Everything we do - where we go, what we like and what we buy – is being by companies in an attempt to our choices and decisions. But it could get much worse.”

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