The EU is criticized for investing in lie detectors. does not see it as a problem that such projects are financed.

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Hoe haalt een sportverslaggever het in z'n hoofd om mensen enthousiast te maken over de Olympische Spelen!

Die ontbrekende tweet in het midden was de video.

Dit lijkt een duidelijk geval van fair use -- een reporter die verslag doet van iets.

🇬🇧 🏃 Escape the cameras! 🏃 All over the EU, governments experiment with #BiometricMassSurveilance technologies. Our game demonstrates what our future might look like: a world of surveillance. Try it yourself! #BiometricOutrun #ReclaimYourFace


Heute ist es soweit: #Uploadfilter kommen!

Anja Hirschel - Themenbeauftragte für Digitalen Wandel & Spitzenkandidatin für die #BTW21 - blickt in diesem Beitrag einmal zurück - und auf die Gefahren, die automatische Filtersoftware mit sich bringen kann.

Doe mee met het Europese voor een beter , dat eerlijk is voor makers en gebruikers: "Freedom to Share".

Blog: Freedom to Share om het internet te redden | door @frank87

The EU Commission wants to ban cash payments above 10,000 euros and anonymous payments with “virtual cash” (cryptocurrencies). Theses attacks on cash and virtual cash will eventually result in financial paternalism! My statement:

🇬🇧Germany's mandatory #covid testing plans, even for travellers from low-risk countries, constitute an unjustified interference with fundamental rights. I call on the EU Commission to intervene.

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The #DigitalServicesAct #DSA is our chance to take back control over the internet from corporations and defend our fundamental rights online.

But what exactly do the European #Pirates expect from #BigTech? And what do you expect?

📺 More details in the video:

Legaliseer het delen van kennis en cultuur voor persoonlijke en niet-commerciële doeleinden, om tot een goede balans te komen tussen de rechten van auteurs en het recht om te gebruiken.

Teken daarom het Europese burgerinitiatief: Freedom to Share

🇬🇧Europol attacks secure #encryption, lamenting that criminal investigations "contain an element of chance".
Ridiculous, what's new about this? The crime clearance rate has always been in the order of 50%.

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The EU wants a „digital constitution“ for the digital mega-platforms, the #DigitalServicesAct #DSA. Here you can see which steps the legislative process will go through and who is involved.

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Global internet corporations like Facebook should not be made ultra-fast censors and judges of right and wrong. The #DigitalServicesAct #DSA is to replace wrong national legislation such as the NetzDG - but the governing coalition does not want to let go of it. The state of the dispute (including my comments):

🇬🇧 #TikTok violates fundamental principles of the General Data Protection Regulation #GDPR. And the Irish data protection authority will once again not act.

My comment in the LIBE Committee last week:

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🇬🇧 The EU is working to limit the power of corporations like Google and Facebook with the #DigitalServicesAct. We #Pirates want users to be free to choose which content is proposed and which platforms they use.

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How can we apply #HumanRights due diligence to #ContentModeration? Next Thursday (29 July, 17:30 CET) I will be disussing the challenges & opportunities put forward by the #DSA in an online event organized by &

More info + registration:

Advies Piratenpartij aan informateur: Versterk de economie door monopolies te bestrijden.

De stikstofcrisis, de macht van grote tech-bedrijven, en onzekere banen, zijn in de kern allemaal gevolgen van teveel marktmacht van grote bedrijven.

🇬🇧 Spy software #Pegasus: In the age of the digital revolution, commercial manufacturers bear a responsibility and should be liable for damages if security bugs are their fault.

Read more about my written question to the Commission:

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De advocaat-generaal van het Europese Hof van Justitie waarschuwt uitdrukkelijk tegen ‘overblokkering’, door algoritmes die alles waar zij inbreuk op auteursrechten in herkennen meteen verwijderen of blokkeren.

🇬🇧 After the #GDPR and the #ePrivacy Regulation, the #DigitalServicesAct #DSA is the next major EU project to shape the digital revolution.

We #Pirates advocate i.e.
➡️ a right to #anonymity online
➡️ phase out #microtargeting
➡️ no pervasive recording of online activities

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