Cybersecurity Experts Urge EU Lawmakers to Fix Website Authentication Proposal That Puts Internet Users’ Security and Privacy at Risk

Proposed Amendment Will Expose Users to Cyberattacks

Het nieuwe voorstel van de EU-Commissie zal de encryptie ondermijnen en al onze berichten aftappen.

Het uitvoerend orgaan van de Europese Unie heeft een wetgevingsvoorstel gepubliceerd dat, als het wet wordt, een ramp zou betekenen voor de online privacy in de EU en de rest van de wereld.

EU Commissioner claims citizens support draft #ChatControl legislation to oblige e-mail, messaging and chat providers to search all private messages for allegedly illegal material and report to the police.
The proposal she presented proves the opposite is the case.

🇬🇧 With #chatcontrol, the EU wants #masssurveillance of all your private online communications in real-time. What is the law about and what does it mean for you?


🇬🇧 German law enforcement investigators speak out about the #ChatControl proposal:

❗not automatically more investigative successes
❗enough data available
❗mass reporting threatens to paralyse efforts, "counterproductive"

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Commissioner Ylva Johansson totally broke her promise on encryption with the EU law proposal that the @EU_Commission published today.

She also refused to meet with privacy experts like @edri on this new law to force the mass surveillance of private on-line communications.

The Commissioner met with Facebook but has-commissioner-johansson-met?

Veel kritiek op plannen van Brussel om de vertrouwelijkheid van communicatie in de ban te doen.

Ongerichte massasurveillance tast het recht op privacy aan, en de introductie van achterdeurtjes om mee te kijken in versleutelde berichten brengt risico’s met zich mee voor de veiligheid van die technologie. -

Wij waren dit weekend bij het solidariteitsprotest tegen afschaffen federaal recht op abortus in de VS

Het recht op abortus redt levens van kwetsbare vrouwen:




Heute und morgen wird die Reform des Europawahlrechts abgestimmt, was zu einer Sperrklausel von 3,5% führen soll. Als Konsequenz werden die kleineren Parteien nicht mehr im Parlament vertreten sein.
Ein Kommentar des Bundesvorsitzenden Sebastian Alscher


🇬🇧 EU Commission proposes a "European Health Data Space" #EHDS to allow for EU-wide access to our health data even by industry and authorities. This is absolutely not acceptable!

My comment:

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🇬🇧 The EU Parliament today approved the upgrading of the EU police authority #Europol. In the future, Europol is to be allowed to collect masses of data on unsuspicious persons and air travel data. #Pirates voted against this reform!

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Reports of #Pegasus found on Pedro Sánchez's phone demonstrate the magnitude of the spyware problem.

Hence, I am happy that the European Parliament now provides all Members with the possibility to have their phones checked against Pegasus. As Quaestor responsible for ICT equipment, I was involved in the test phase. Ensuring #cybersecurity is one of my priorities.


Czechia 🇨🇿 in the EU 🇪🇺 has come of age 🎉! Exactly 18 years ago, we joined the European family 🤝 from which we continue to benefit to this day. It will be our task to move our membership to the next level this year with the second Czech #presidency in the EU's history.#CZ2022EU


🇬🇧 Today is World #PressFreedomDay. Freedom of expression and freedom of the press is a foundation of our democracy & rule of law. But journalists are coming under pressure and threats in more and more countries. We see the consequences in Russia, for example. (1/3)

According to the #CJEU, Member States need to ensure in the implementation of the #Copyright Directive that upload filters do not block legal uploads.

The whole idea behind #Article17 is bad in first place; however, this is at least some good news for freedom of expression!

🇬🇧 🚨 The EU Parliament proposed today an anti-democratic 3.5% minimum threshold for European elections, which would have invalidated 3.1 million German votes in the 2019 EP elections and redistributed the seats of smaller parties to the establishment.

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